Monday, 20 May 2013

Pirate Party - a simple pirate ship party table

personalised chocolate bars

Forget the Jolly Roger or Black Pearl, the only pirate ship I wanted birthday boy Dylan to be interested in was his birthday party 'pirate ship' treat table!
I aimed for his family tea-party to be transformed with a few simple touches into something this pirate-fan would thoroughly enjoy!

Black fabric draped over table and pulled around table legs to create the shape of a 'ship'. And the star of the show was definitely the inflatable shark - a big hit with Dylan!

A basic pillowcase printed with the birthday boy's name. And personalised bunting hung at each side of the name flag.

Yummy chocolate cakes and themed toppers.

Forget expensive cake stands - boxes, plates and cupholder stands displayed the treats perfectly and kept to the pirate ship theme of the table.

 I saw the chocolate bar 'walk the plank' idea some time back, I think on Pinterest though not sure of its exact source - but thought this would be great to add into Dylan's table.

Chocolate 'fudge' bars wrapped in brown paper making for a yummy message in a bottle.

Dylan (and his mum) love malteasers - so they were a must on the table, making perfect cannonballs!

Small printed pouches to fill with gold and silver chocolate coins.

very simple and yummy pirate ship table

Happy birthday Dylan :)

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