Monday, 11 March 2013

Snow White 3rd Birthday Party

 From around 2 years old 'Snow White' became the centre of my daughters universe.   'No-white' as she called her, dominated our days, playing with Snow White dolls, watching the DVD and generally immersed in everything linked to this princess!  So from this point I was very excited to start planning her a Snow White inspired 3rd birthday party.   This supposedly simple tea-party I wanted to be perfect, to totally make her birthday extra special!

The frustrating thing I have found in my experiences of party planning is that although a lot of planning and buying of bits and pieces can occur in the months and weeks leading up to a party it is the ten days before the big day that brings everything together. It was at this ten day point that my little cherub announced that Rapunzel may now be her favourite princess!!!
 I tried to take this revelation with a pinch of salt, however in the following days it became apparent that Snow White had been foresaken for her long-haired counterpart. Sure, this takes a bit of a shine off the party but I kept on with plans...until...the cake maker took ill and was unable to make the cake I had booked....the display stands a family member was kindly making me were behind schedule and unlikely to be ready in older daughter became poorly with a horrible cold which swept through our household.....disaster!!! Feeling really poorly and little energy to focus on party planning I really thought the whole thing was going to have to be postponed,  months of dreaming of trying to plan the perfect tea-party absolutely wiped out, and the worry of letting my little one down on her special celebration.  So finally the evening before I pulled myself together, forgot about 'perfect' and concentrated on creating a party my little princess would love!  And  this was the party I salvaged - a Snow White inspired  tea party and my personal 'phoenix from the flames!'.

The main focus of the party room was the dessert/treats table.  I used my dressing table and a pretty shelf from my daughters room to house the treats, and some fab 'paper grass' and toadstools  to give a more woodland feel.  The bunting, toppers and tags I had made well in advance so at this point my main concerns were the actual cake and cupcakes.

My mam kindly came to my rescue making cupcakes and the cutest bluebird and apple shaped this just left the cake!
Being very short of time, I bought a 'decorate your own' plain iced sponge cake from Sainsbury's and sugarpaste from a local cake supplier.  Then frantically searched the internet for some snow white cake tutorials and found a fabulous one to create a Snow White character on Facebook The Cake Fairy.  I have never made anything like this before and although I did not have the tools the tutorial recommended (and I literally had an hour and ten minutes in which to do this!) the instructions were really easy to follow.  Admittedly my hurried first attempts as you can see are very basic!! And nowhere near as wonderful as that shown in the tutorial, however when the main cake and the characters on the cupcakes were shown to my daughter she adored them - so that was more than good enough for me! And although very rushed, it had been alot of fun making them! :)
Here are more of the party details ....

Lunch baskets containing a sandwich, slice of pizza, crisps and of course a rosy, red apple!

Dressy-ups are a must in our household!! Personalised T-shirts, tutu's and red bow hairbands.

The dress-up clothes as well as looking very cute, also being fab for protecting party clothes from food and art activities:)

Yummy chocolate bunny rabbits from Sainsburys

personalised bunting

Yummy treats and of course apple juice to drink!

party tables
The entertainment...Well this was something that did go to plan and was AMAZING!!! Half way through the party we had a very special visitor...
The fabulous Princess Snow Emma Enchanted
Our beautiful, royal guest Emma Enchanted taught the girls how to be  real princesses, from how to dance to how to pose for photographs! She read a story, sang beautifully and absolutely captivated the birthday girl  (as young as she is I do not think she will ever forget it!).
I also asked the princess to give a very special birthday present  to my daughter (a rag-doll beautifully handmade by Hugs&Stiches). It was such a lovely moment and as the doll did not look like a commercial doll, little one really believed it was a special toy from a princess! :)

Sorry for blurred pic - lots of excitement at this time!

Our other party activities included decorating paper fans and ceramic blue-birds (both from Yellow Moon)
Some of the beautiful bluebird creations :)
We also had a Princess Treasure Hunt (with picture clues- to ensure all ages could equally participate), Pass the Parcel, Princess Islands and our tradition of a dancing contest (always four winners!!).

At the end of the party each little princess also had a special basket to take away.
It was a great party and taught me a lot of lessons about not worrying about everything being perfect - 3 year olds do not need perfect.... favourite playmates, balloons, dressy ups, games and the wonder of their home being turned into a party are far, far more than enough!!
.. ....Oh and 'Rapunzel' who?.... Firmly back to loving 'No-White'!! xx

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  1. Wow wow wow!!! So inspirational! What a fantastic post. My daughter also loves snow white. Would love to do this for her birthday next month, but as usual I've left it far too late to organise!

    Can I ask where the grass mats are from?. xx

  2. Hi Aimie, Thank you for your lovely comment :) I sourced the mats on Ebay -( they were intended to be used for an Easter party - they were called in at the last minute when everything seemed to be going wrong! - I found them a few months back when searching for Easter decorations on Ebay). I hope your party goes well and if I can help at all with stationery/decorations please do get in touch. Best wishes xx

  3. Hi, your daughters are very, very lucky. How amazingly talented you are, not only coming up with such imaginative ideas but creating them and bringing them to life. Am sorry to hear that you were all poorly and hope you are much better now. Being three years old is such a magical age. I sure your daughters will remember her special party. Your cake is totally amazing and I cannot believe that it is your first attempt at cake decorating. Am sure that a friend would have been only too happy to have helped, even at short notice, you should ask next time!!! Well done you, the party was obviously a huge success x

  4. Thanks Alison for your lovely comments :) Though you are very kind about my chubby princess cupcakes haha! Perhaps my ten years of 'play dohing' in reception has been leading up to this one! Was so stressful - though amazing how we are able to pull things together for the little people when need be!! Thanks again for taking a look! Lots of love x