Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter Party at Bunny Meadow!

With the weather so cold and gloomy I was determined our Easter party would in contrast be warm, bright and overflowing with springtime cheer!

Paper grass (you may recognise from Snow White inspired party!) was perfect to transform the party table into 'Easter Bunny Meadow'. 

The 'Meadow' was to be the final destination on our Easter egg hunt, so it had to be filled with lots of treats and goodies for the children to add to their baskets!

I also aimed to create a highly interactive party table.  Lots of nice textures and cute objects for the children to explore and lots of hidden treats within the display!

Easter Bunny Meadow!

 One confession I must make at this point is although I had many good intentions of making cake pops,  cupcakes and a number of other yummy Easter themed treats unfortunately a very full order book took over and time to cook was impossible! So the table is filled with shop-bought novelties and treats aside from the wonderful (and very delicious!) large cupcakes made by my daughters.  Always lovely to include some of their creations within a dessert table, they look so proud when they spot I have added them in!!

Carrot cones and marshmallow lollipops

Easter tree with cute bunnies hiding treats and cones filled with small eggs and choc bunnies

Lots of cute bunnies and chicks hiding and concealing chocolate treats.

The 'Hen House' proved very popular.  After picking out the treats, children rounded up all chicks to have them placed in and around.

Just love the little pink chick!

Tea light holders I picked up on sale in the local supermarket made fab spring flowers with a small cupcake added.

Small flower cupcakes from M&S

Bunnie egg cosies sitting on chocolate eggs!

Aside from our Easter Egg Hunt and the play in 'Easter Bunny Meadow' with all of the cute characters, I also provided a little creative area were the children could decorate Easter bonnets, make masks, cards and pictures.  

And instead of Easter eggs as gifts (as more than enough chocolate and treats to be gathered from the egg hunt!) I gave each child a 'make your own Easter friend'  kit - this was great as a final activity so each child had their completed toy to take away.

One other notable feature of the party were the personalised egg cosies I used as place settings for the younger children - they loved them! And again a lovely non-chocolate gift to take home!

This gorgeous bunny made by Blueberry Crafts

Our party definitely brought some spring cheer to a very cold day! Now time to enjoy our Egg hunt finds!

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